Roll-away Solar Screens Save Energy During the Summer’s Hottest Months

Light and heat energy that enters your home through the windows has to be mitigated through cooling, which incurs an energy cost of its own. The effectiveness of solar screens varies but is generally quite high, preventing 75% to 99% of UV rays from entering the and vastly reducing the amount of solar heat impact. By contrast, solar screens do not reduce visibility nearly as much as they reduce heat, allowing you to see outside quite easily while still enjoying their energy-saving benefits. This is especially important in windows that face the east or west, as they will absorb the brunt of the sun’s rays in the morning or afternoon. As nearly half of your electric bill is related to heating or cooling your home, any money spent deflecting these costs represents a prudent investment.

Roll-away Solar Screens Save Energy During the Summer's Hottest Months

Why roll-away solar screens make sense

  • They’re unobtrusive. The screens can be lowered or raised at will, depending on lighting conditions, temperature, and time of year.
  • They contribute to your home’s value. The value proposition of roll-away solar screens is widely-understood, and potential buyers will appreciate the flexibility they offer.
  • They protect your home’s interior. The sun’s UV rays can not only affect skin, but can also cause the color of carpet and furniture to fade over time in a conspicuous pattern with repeated exposure. Solar screens prevent the vast majority of ultraviolet radiation from reaching your possessions.
  • They’re economical. Like many energy-saving measures, it is only a short time before solar screens pay for themselves in reduced cooling costs.
  • They block insects as well. A side benefit of solar screens is that they can prevent insects from entering your home despite the windows being opened, which can mean the world in the spring and fall months.

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