Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

All screens keep out insects, it is in their nature. They are a mesh that covers your window and will keep out anything bigger than dust. We think of screens for just this purpose, but the best ones do so much more.

Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

Protect Your Windows From Breaking

Have you ever noticed how bad storms can throw debris and sometimes even hail? If you have screens over your windows, these do not actually hit the window. While there are times that they damage the screen, the window and the inside of the house is protected. It is so much cheaper and easier to replace a screen than a window. All screens provide you with this, just like keeping bugs out.

Filter Sunlight Before It Enters Your Windows

We spend a lot of time trying to minimize the damaging effects of sunlight. At the same time, we want natural light in our home. The best way to achieving both comes from filtering the sunlight so that the harmful rays stay outside while the pleasant light comes in. This is one of the best ways for protecting your delicate furnishings and finishes from the dulling and fading effects of direct sunlight. This is one of the things solar screens do that regular screens don’t.

Lower Your Power Consumption

When you block out the harmful UV rays of the sunlight, you keep out the part of the sunlight that creates the most heat when it comes into your house. Because the heat never enters the window, your home stays cooler. This means that your air conditioner runs that much more effectively, and your energy bills are lower.

Form an Insulating Barrier

Now you would think that the solar screens keeping the biggest part of the heat out of your home would not actually be a good thing during the cooler weather. However, these screens also form an insulating barrier that traps air between the screen and the window. This improves the efficiency of the window in the aspect of preventing heat transfer. All windows, even ones with only one pane of glass do this to some degree. The recommendation in even the coldest climates is that the solar screens are efficient enough that they should remain on the windows all year-long for the best energy savings.

So while we are happy to help you with regular screens if that is what you want, at Longhorn Solar Screens, we recommend the solar screens for the best protection for your home. For more information on this, contact us today.