Custom Plantation Shutters

When it comes to window treatments, plantation shutters are among the best. It is no wonder that shutters have been around for nearly forever, as they bring so much to a room. Plantation shutters refer to a style that has wider louvers than the standard shutter. This means your view through the louvers is less obstructed making it more pleasant.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Reasons for Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom means made especially for your windows and your house. If you have windows that are unique in their style or shape, custom plantation shutters will fit them perfectly allowing everyone a view of the beauty of your windows.

Custom increases the energy efficiency by making the gaps between the window frame and the shutters very small. When your shutters are fully closed, they provide you with the best barrier from heat transfer through your windows.

Reasons for Plantation Shutters

Beauty and style are among the best reasons for shutters. The framework of the shutters accents the charming lines of your windows, while the nice wide louvers allow you a view of the outdoors. You can even get hidden tilt rods on your shutters giving them a sharper cleaner style.

Light control and privacy are next, with the louvers allowing you the flexibility to allow light in while keeping direct sunlight off of your delicate furnishings. Sunlight fades and dulls your fabrics and even your flooring, while natural light boosts our emotional well-being. Therefore, being able to control the light is a wonderful benefit. You can also adjust the louvers for privacy while allowing natural light in, and in rooms like the bathroom, you can opt for shutters that have sections for even more control of light and privacy.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we offer custom plantation shutters, because you deserve the best in beauty and energy efficiency. For more information on how lovely these window treatments will look in your home, contact us today.