Window Treatments

While the biggest reasons for installing new window treatments are privacy and style, the benefits of new window treatments do not end there. Many of the options today also add energy-efficiency, have an easy motorized operation, and even make your room quieter. Whether you prefer blinds, shades, or plantation shutters, there are lots of great options available.

Window Treatments


While blinds have been around for a very long time, the new cordless operation makes them more lovely than ever. Rich wood blinds are a simple accent that brings out the beauty of your windows while providing privacy and control of the natural light. Blinds can not only control the amount of sunlight you allow into your room, but they can do this while allowing you a view of the outside.

Roll Away Shades

These lovely window coverings have optional motorized control. Gone are the days of fighting with a spring-operated mechanism. Choose the opacity level of your shades from sheer to dark. At the fully open position, you will hardly know they are there.

Honeycomb Shades

These are the best window covering a noisy environment, as well as one of the best for adding energy-efficiency. The honeycomb shaped cells trap air which is one of the best insulating materials around. This trapped air absorbs some of the sound and much of the heat that tries to pass through them, and this makes the world just that much more comfortable. Not only are they a comfort, but they are a fabric construction that can match and accent your home decor beautifully.

Woven Wood Shades

These shades are either used alone or with drapes because they are somewhat sheer. They bring a wonderful element of texture to your decor as well as a clear definition of your windows. If your windows are not exactly lovely or are not all the same size, go big with the shades. This will make the windows lovely and seem the same. Trim them out with curtains or use them with drapes if you prefer.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are among the best window treatment for energy-efficiency, and such a charming accent to beautiful windows. The shutters show off your windows to their fullest, allowing their shape and style to shine through. Set the louver for privacy and light options, similar to blinds. Best of all is that the shutters are custom-made to your windows, and even add value to your home. It is not surprising that these lovely features, that have been around forever, are staying popular.

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