Solar Screening Makes Life A Little Cooler

Solar screening is a material that is beneficial in many ways.  The primary benefit is that it reduces heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter making utility bills manageable.  Solar screening material also protects furniture, carpeting, and flooring from fading under the sun’s harsh glare.  It provides privacy during the day as the material conceals the inside view from the outside even with blinds and drapes open.

Other benefits solar screen material provides is that it reduces glare from computer and television screens making it easier on the eyes.  Also, solar screen material, when put in frames and installed, can enhance the appearance of the house since the material comes in different colors.

The very best solar screening material we could find and deliver for our customers are the Twitchell Textilene and the Phifer Suntex solar screen materials.

Solar Screening Makes Life A Little Cooler

Twitchell Textilene Solar Screen Material

Twitchell has been in the yarn and fabric business since 1922 and this longevity instills trust and quality.

The Textilene 80 brand blocks out 80% of the heat and about 75% of UV rays.  The Textilene 90 brand obstructs 90% of the heat and 90% of UV rays.

The Textilene 90 is also better for blocking glare and provides more privacy from the outside because it is a darker screen.  It also includes flame retardant.

The screen colors come in black, brown, black/brown, desert sand, dusk grey, and sandstone.

Phifer Suntex Solar Screen Material

The Suntex 80 and Suntex 90 are available as well.  They have the same heat, UV, glare, and privacy protection as the Textilene brands but this screening material includes Microban antimicrobial additives that resist bacteria and fungi.

The material is also certified to GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during the use of the product.

The screen colors for this brand come in black, brown, bronze, beige, stucco, and grey.

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