The Top Reasons to Choose Wooden Plantation Shutters

When replacing your home’s window treatments, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is trying to decide what type of window coverings will be right for your home. However, if like many homeowners you have decided that you want to bring the timeless elegance of plantation shutters into your home, you will still have decisions to make. Before looking at plantation shutter options, you will need to decide if real wood or faux-wood plantation shutters would best meet your needs. While both options provide their own unique benefits, here is a look at a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing wooden plantation shutters.

The Top Reasons to Choose Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wooden Shutters are Durable

Wood is a time-tested material that has been used for decades to create elegant window treatments. While certain faux-wood shutters may easily chip, fade, sag, or dent, wooden shutters are extremely durable and will provide functional beauty in your home for many years to come. Wooden shutters will be able to withstand constant exposure to sunlight, and they work well in kitchens and bathrooms as long as they are not directly exposed to water.

They’re Elegant

Real wood plantation shutters bring warmth and elegance to any space that no other type of shutter can match. While faux-wood shutters have come a long way in recent years, they still do not make a very convincing replacement for wood. If you are looking for the classic look and timeless elegance that wooden plantation shutters can bring to any space, there truly is no good alternative to natural wood shutters.

They Improve Resale Value

Whenever you invest money into your home, it is important that you consider resale value. While adding plantation shutters to a home can help to boost curb appeal and the home’s overall value, you will see the greatest return on investment with natural wood plantation shutters. The fact is that home buyers know the benefits that real wood shutters provide, and seeing a home with real wood plantation shutters can act as a selling point. Buyers want the richness and warmth that faux-wood shutters simply can’t match.

When choosing to add plantation shutters to your home, nothing can beat the benefits of choosing natural wooden shutters. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of adding wooden shutters to your home.