The Longhorn Difference: Making Blinds is Our Specialty

The Longhorn Bull’s horns are known for their durability, and Longhorn’s blinds stand by a commitment to give you specialty blinds that are just as strong. We know blinds are important to your privacy, interior design, and light control, so with that in mind, we have created a variety of unique options for your living space. Color can be a spectacle in the design concept of your home, so Longhorn offers blinds in a variety of colors. This means your contemporary, modern, mid-century, minimalist or rustic designs will all have a color Longhorn will provide.

The Longhorn Difference: Making Blinds is Our Specialty

Faux Wood or Real Wood

Whether you’re in the market for faux wood or real wood blinds, we have both. You are probably wondering how you should make that decision. Real wood will give your space a more rustic appeal and give a natural look to the area. You will be able to see the different wood grains within each panel. Faux wood is made from vinyl material, but this is not necessarily bad. These blinds are easier to clean and take care of and are much more cost-effective.  These blinds would help finish up your contemporary or modern home’s interior design concepts.

Lift and Lock

Lift and lock blinds are perfect for homes that have children and pets as they provide a safety feature people long for; there is no cord on these blinds. Instead, they offer a mechanism that can be along the side or up above the blinds so that you can slide and lock your blinds open or closed. This creates a sleeker look to the area as the opening mechanism is practically invisible. You’ll best be able to utilize this option in a space that is not blocked by furniture and is not a window that is higher up on the wall.

The Longhorn Difference

Longhorn offers a variety of shades, such as their sheer, roller, or prism honeycomb design options. There is one thing in common with all of these choices though, and that is the quality you will receive. Every set of blinds is guaranteed to be crafted with strength and design in mind. Contact Longhorn now for a consultation.