Make the Most of a Winter Porch with Retractable Screens

In some parts of the country, homeowners feel claustrophobic when the cold winter winds and blistering snow forces them indoors. One of the advantages of living in a milder climate is the ability to enjoy outdoor living in the winter – particularly with retractable shades that turn any patio into an extended living area.

Whether it’s dining outdoors, telecommuting using a laptop computer, exercising or playing, the possible activities facilitated by motorized retractable patio screens are endless. It’s all about letting the sunshine in while maintaining privacy. And, on a rainy, windy winter day, there is no need to worry about the elements with roll-away shades. Consider three ways to enjoy outdoor living in the winter using your winter porch.

Make the Most of a Winter Porch with Retractable Screens

Dining outdoors

Durable, flexible patio shading makes it a pleasure to dine outside. Real estate experts say a growing number of homeowners no longer appreciate a formal dining room. However, extra living space is always a bonus – particularly when it comes to dining. As a host, feel proud of the aesthetically pleasing nature of your modern and high-tech retractable shades. Enjoy the view of the yard in the winter by planting winter perennials such as pansies, snapdragons, sweet alyssum and petunias. People tend to savor foods and eat at a less frantic pace when they are surrounded by outdoor views.

Telecommuting from a patio

Working inside the home, hunched over a computer all day, could lead to depression. When you can take the work to a patio, it means higher productivity. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about pests or insects with functional retractable shades. Set up a portable office space on a winter porch by using rollaway filing cabinets, a laptop and desk. Another hot trend is to work while walking on a treadmill specifically designed for desk workers.

Exercising in the fresh air

In the winter, it can become a tad too cold to jog around the neighborhood. But being inside on an elliptical isn’t always appealing either. Many homeowners move their exercise equipment to the porch to enjoy all seasons. Fresh air is good for a workout. Allow the sunshine to beam onto your porch by adjusting your retractable shades. Watch your calorie burning numbers go up as you make the most of the winter with an exercise studio on the porch.

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