Use Seamless Gutters To Control Drainage

Watering can make or break a yard. Too little water will result in yellowing grass, wilting plants, and hard, cracked soil that’s bad for both your lawn and your foundation. But too much water can make pests feel welcome and can wear away the soil. Control your yard’s drainage with seamless gutters instead.

Use Seamless Gutters To Control Drainage

What do gutters have to do with maintaining your yard?

Your home’s gutters generally have two functions: to catch rainwater falling from your roof so it doesn’t cut into the soil directly below, and to direct the flow of water away from your house. However, not all gutter systems do this adequately, and seamless gutters can do more.

  • Get gutters that don’t let water fall along the edge of your house and your flower beds. Most gutters have short spouts that deposit rainwater just six inches or so from the perimeter of your house. This can dig grooves into the soil and collect near your hedges. Even if the pools are only short-standing because of evaporation, that collected water will attract thirsty insects such as roaches and termites. It can also overexpose the roots of your plants and cause rot.
  • Longhorn’s seamless gutters help you collect rainwater for use. Rain barrelsĀ are great for your yard because they let you keep a regular watering cycle outside of county restrictions so your grass stays green and healthy. You can also use that water for flowerbeds or a vegetable garden. Because you’re releasing the water gradually, or at least directing it further from the perimeter of your house, you don’t have to worry about soil displacement or pools of standing water on the ground that bring uninvited guests.

The right gutter system isn’t just good for your yard. It can help protect your foundation, your roof, and even the decorative siding of your home. Click here to schedule a seamless gutter estimate.