Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in Summer and Beyond

Your outdoor space should be a pleasurable extension of your home’s living space. If your outdoor space hasn’t met your expectations this summer, consider making changes to improve the space for summer and the rest of the year.

Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in Summer and Beyond

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

Before furniture shopping, consider the size of your space. That bistro set that looks cute at the store may look dwarfed and out of place in your large yard.  Measuring is essential when you’re furnishing a deck, patio, or small yard. A large dining set may leave too little room for walking around a modest deck.

Also, taking the time to consider how you plan to use the space is worthwhile. Activities like gardening, entertaining, family dining, and relaxing call for different types of furniture. Finally, aluminum and teak are durable materials for furniture that has to withstand the summer heat and sun in Texas.

Protecting Your Patio

During summer, flying insects, rain, wind, or extreme sunshine can keep you from enjoying your covered patio to the fullest. Screening your patio is an excellent solution. Motorized retractable patio screens can prevent bees, wasps, and mosquitoes from spoiling your next dinner on the patio. Your patio screen can shield you (and your furniture) from strong afternoon sunshine. Yet, you can still see the view through the screen. Should you ever want to lift you your screen you can easily do so with a motorized retractable patio screen.

Lighting Up the Night

Outdoor lighting can extend your summer garden parties until well after sunset. Well-placed lighting enables you to use your outdoor space during the rest of the year when it gets dark earlier.  Beyond lighting your deck or patio for entertaining, you may want to enhance your space’s safety by lighting pathways and driveways. A spotlight can draw attention to a special outdoor feature like an arch or sculpture.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we want our customers to get the most from their outdoor space. Contact us to learn more about protecting your patio with a motorized retractable patio screen.