Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink Window Treatment for Your Needs

Consider the Reasons You Want Kitchen Sink Window Treatments

Homeowners usually turn to a window treatment to meet certain needs. It’s helpful to articulate those reasons to ensure you find a suitable product. Common reasons homeowners want to dress kitchen sink windows include a desire for:

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink Window Treatment for Your Needs

  • Privacy. No one wants to be seen washing the breakfast dishes while wearing pajamas.
  • Light control. It’s not good for your health to have the sun’s ultraviolet rays shine on you as you work at your sink. Sunlight also can damage the kitchen’s finishes (flooring, cabinets, etc.) by causing them to fade or look dull. Sheer shades can provide elegance and light control.
  • Energy-efficiency. The right window treatment can reduce your home’s heat gain in summer and heat loss during winter. Roller shades can meet your need for energy-efficiency. Yet, when your roller shades are down, you won’t miss the view from your kitchen sink window. You can see through the shades.
  • Decoration. From a home decor perspective, kitchens can be boring. Kitchen sink window treatments can bring visual delight to an otherwise functional space.  Blinds are available in a wide variety of decor options. With blinds, you have the flexibility to create a look that complements any kitchen.
  • All of the above. Plantation shutters combine privacy, light control, energy-efficiency, and beauty. They’re easy to open and close,  which offers you the freedom to have privacy when you need it. Plantation shutters make it simple to control how much light comes in. This window treatment provides insulation. The availability of custom colors and finishes offers a multitude of possibilities for achieving a stunning look.

Interior Window Treatments for Texas Homeowners

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we have interior window treatments for kitchens and the rest of your home. We have window treatments that can fulfill your needs for privacy, light control, energy-efficiency, and visual appeal. Contact us to schedule an estimate.