3 Benefits With Solar Screens

Solar screens are a great way to reduce your energy bill. But if you’re putting off a final decision on whether or not to get them for your house because the potential savings don’t seem worth it, you can look forward to more than just increased savings once you install them. Here are a few of the additional perks:

3 Benefits With Solar Screens

What are the other benefits of using solar screens in your home?

  1. Fabrics and colored materials don’t fade. UV radiation can do a lot of damage if it’s left unchecked, and one of the most visible effects is faded fabrics and colors. Solar screens still let in all of the natural light you want in your house, but it protects the interior from patchy fading.
  2. Your home’s surfaces don’t become brittle. UV light can do more than bleach the color out of materials. It can make your blinds, wood furniture, and plastic brittle. This will lead to more cracks, impact damage, and breakage in exposed surfaces and objects.
  3. Most models do more than block UV. Solar screens partially obscure your windows from the outside, even as they leave your view from inside the house completely unchanged. This means you can move the curtains aside and enjoy the sunlight without having to worry about people seeing straight through your house.

Longhorn Solar Screens is located in Denton Texas. We offer Twitchell Textilene and Phifer Suntex solar screening fabric (a heavy-duty and uniquely woven mesh made with strong vinyl-coated polyester) and 1” (or ¾ ” by request) aluminum frame. The fabric and frame comes in a variety of colors

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