3 Reasons to Choose Interior Motorized Shades for Your Home

As homeowners look for ways to integrate the latest technology throughout their homes, more people are discovering the benefits that motorized window shades can provide. If you are looking to add shades to a new home, or your old window treatments are in need of replacing, you want to consider investing in motorized window treatments. While motorized window treatments were once thought to be a luxury only afforded by the extremely wealthy, these window treatments are more accessible than ever and can provide homeowners with a variety of unique benefits. If you are looking to invest in new window treatments for your home, here is a look at just a few of the reasons you should consider motorized shades.

3 Reasons to Choose Interior Motorized Shades for Your Home


Of course, one of the main reasons people choose motorized interior shades for their home is due to the convenience that this can provide. The fact is that opening and closing your shades throughout the day can be a hassle, particularly if your home has a lot of windows and/or windows that are hard to reach. By tying motorized window treatments into a central control system, you can open and close your shades at the touch of a button. You can even program a set schedule by which your shades open and close at predetermined times, making these systems extremely convenient for busy homeowners on the go.


One thing you may not have associated with motorized shades is increased home security. However, when shades in your home open and close, this makes it look to outsiders as if someone is home. Motorized shades can then boost home security, as you can set your shades to open and close and predetermined intervals, or even at random, throughout the day to make it look like you are at home when you are in the office, or on vacation. This can scare off potential burglars who will believe you are at home controlling your window treatments.

Energy Savings

During the summer, light can come streaming in through your windows, quickly heating up your home if your shades are not closed. This can cause your air conditioner to work overtime to keep your home cool. While closing your shades can help to keep your home insulated, you are not alone if you often forget to close your shades before you leave the house for the day. Having motorized shades that close at predetermined times during the day, or that have sensors that signal them to close when the sun is brightest, can then help to reduce your electricity bill.

In addition to providing convenience, there are many reasons to invest in interior motorized shades for your home. Contact us to learn more if you are considering replacing your home’s window treatments.