5 Amazing Window Treatments To Give You Great Views

A house with a killer view is something that everyone dreams of when envisioning the right home. The view is usually explored through the windows of the house. Windows are that crucial to housing. But most people, despite that, don’t want to open up to window treatments. There are quite elegant measures that will leave your windows unobstructed. Here are a few treatments that will leave your window views clear.

5 Amazing Window Treatments To Give You Great Views

1. Woven-wood Shades

One of the window treatments that are unnoticeable when opened is this one. It is one of the best-used measures for casual vibes. You can pair it with sheers to at least tone down on the masculine look the shade gives.

2. Cellular Shades with Trilight

Like the previous one, this treatment gives a masculine look. However, what makes it unique is you can block the outside world totally when you close it. When you open it, you have a full view of the outside. It’s more convenient for much populated areas. It can also be used for the home theaters as it can keep the room blacked out.

3. Roller Shades

If you’re looking for a treatment measure that gives you variety, then the roller shades are a good fit. You can control light and privacy with this one. Unlike the previous treatment, you can see the outside whenever the shade is down.

4. Layered Shades

Modern homes need a window treatment that allows you sneak peeks even when there is no shade. It should also not lose privacy in the process, and this is what this shade does.

5. Drapery Panels

When you have wide windows, it can be a challenge to get the right treatment. With sheers on long drapery rods, you have an option. When open, the drapes leave the windows fully open, giving a full view of the outside.

These a few window treatment options that won’t block your view while also ensuring privacy. Contact us at Longhorn today!