Beautiful, Functional Treatments for Specialty Window Shapes

Blinds, shades, curtains, and other types of window treatments do more than soften the lighting or close the view when you want some privacy. Adequately designed window treatments transform the interior of your home, creating your visual experience. Longhorn Solar Screens helps you get the most from these beautiful features by providing a wide range of options in shades and blinds for specialty window shapes. We carry window treatments for the following:

Beautiful, Functional Treatments for Specialty Window Shapes

French Doors

Our Prism Honeycomb Shades are often an excellent choice for French doors. They provide a lot of light control and also insulate the glass from outdoor temperatures. The fabric is durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, plus they’re a breeze to clean with a duster or vacuum when needed.

Circular Windows, Arches, and Angles

Both cellular shades (another name for honeycomb) and wood shutters work well on circular windows. If you choose a cellular treatment, it will be stationary, but you can match the color to other existing window coverings. Shutters, however, will allow you to adjust the lighting as needed.

Arched and angled windows are lovely focal points in your home, and adding the perfect window treatment makes them more usable as well. We can install arch-shaped, prism honeycomb shades to custom specifications. Or if you’d prefer simple, soft elegance, you may opt for sheer shades. Both are available in low-maintenance fabric and a range of colors.

Bow, Corner, and Bay Windows

Roller shades and screens are both popular bow window choices due to their superior energy efficiency and opacity. The “opacity” of shades refers to how much light is allowed to pass through. Roller screens are versatile and work beautifully on corner and bay windows, too, since their uncomplicated design blends in with almost every decor scheme.

Enhance Your Home With Specialty Window Treatments

The right window treatments will increase the functionality of your home’s uniquely shaped windows without covering their charm! Not only will the correct window treatments assist with light control and ambiance, but properly installed shades also boost energy efficiency. Contact Longhorn Solar Screens today to learn more about the best treatment for your specialty window shapes.