Help the Environment & Your Tax Bill with Solar Window Screens

Did you know you can beautify your home while also helping the environment and saving on taxes?  Solar window screens are how — read on to find out all the details.

Help the Environment & Your Tax Bill with Solar Window Screens

What are Solar Window Screens?

Solar window screens are very similar in look and function to standard window screens.  They just come with the added benefit of reflecting the sun to prevent unnecessary heat gain in the summer. They are typically made of UV-stable PVC-coated textiles.  Longhorn–Screens, Shades, & Shutters offers an array of color and style options.

How Solar  Window Screens Improve Your Home & Help the Environment

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, solar window screens are considered an energy efficient exterior attachment to your home. This is a fancy way of saying solar screens help keep out heat in the summer and lower your energy usage. They also prevent UV damage, which is good news for your furniture, hardwood floors, and other parts of your home susceptible to color-fading. Even more good news is that solar window screens add to the exterior beauty of your home and enhance curb appeal.  Sounds like a win-win!

How A Smart Investment in Solar Screens Can Equal Tax Savings

As if benefits to your home, energy bill, and the environment weren’t enough, you could also save on taxes. According to Consumer Reports , insulating upgrades to your home can qualify for an energy efficiency tax credit of 10% of the cost, up to $500.  Certain proof of insulating properties are needed (e.g., Manufacturer’s Certification Statement), so be sure to consult with a tax professional. Additional details can be found through the IRS Energy Efficiency Tax Credits FAQs, plus Longhorn–Screens, Shades, & Shutters  is also here to help with understanding requirements to qualify.

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