Enhance Your Smart Home With Motorized Shades

Many homeowners today are looking to upgrade their home with smart home features. Smart lights, smart locks, and doorbell cameras are common smart elements you can find in many smart homes today. Another way you can enhance your home is by adding motorized shades to your windows. Here are some benefits to adding motorized shades to your smart home.

Enhance Your Smart Home With Motorized Shades


For the most part, the reason why people use smart features in their home is for convenience. This applies to motorized shades as well. Being able to lower or raise or shades with the use of a wireless remote can save a lot of time and effort. Some windows that would otherwise require a ladder to change the position can be done much easier with motorized shades.

Energy Saving

Did you know that the position of your window shades can have a sizable impact on how much energy you use? Keeping your shades lowered when it is hot out will keep the sun from heating a room so much that constant air conditioning is required. Conversely, keeping the shades raised during cold weather can take advantage of the sun’s heat so your home may require less work from your furnace. The above mentioned convenience of changing your shades with a remote will motivate you to lower or raise your shades in conjunction with the weather and thus save energy.

These are just two of the ways you can improve your smart home with motorized shades. Motorized shades come with a high level of convenience all while reducing your impact on the environment by using less energy in your home. While you are enhancing your shades to the motorized variety, consider checking out these stylish ways you can upgrade your sliding glass doors. For all of your screens, shades, and shutter needs, contact us today to receive an estimate and schedule an appointment.